Racing engines SHUPA


Displacement (ccm) Designation Characteristics
125 B Engine without tuning - basic low price solution for beginners.   
125 - 129 RS Racing engine with Takegawa RS head - best short track solution.
125 - 129
RS-2V Racing engine with 2V Takegawa SH head - excellent torque and power.
125 - 129
RS-4V Racing engine with 4V Takegawa SH head - maximum power parameters.


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   - Brings improvement of bike controllability, better drifting control and faster starts.
     - Made from forging of high quality steel with heat treatment and brushed surface.
     - Allows multiple and exact assembly pressing.
     - Can be used in all new types of SHUPA engines

     Fundamental and positive change for the speedway style learning

     "PVL" Ignition

    Improved ignition parameters especially at high engine RPM and increased reliability. Available in 3 versions: :

     1. Fixed
     2. Ignition timing under curve
     3. Programmable ignition timing with 2 curves

                                  FORGED CRANKSHAFT                                                                   "PVL" Ignition                                                                                ENGINE ON BRAKE

     We are preparing our engines under following guidelines:

1. We are working with engines which we have ourselves imported.
2. We are using engine accessories from renowned or proved firms which is also our direct import.
3. Each engine is carefully checked and adjusted on engine brake DYNOmite.
4. We are ready prepare engine under individual requirement.
5. Each engine is equiped by "Birth-certificate" with adjustment specification and Manual for use.
6. All engine spare parts are available in our spare parts stock.
7. We are using special tools by all engine assembly operations.
8. We are ready to provide for you complete engine reparation and tuning any time during racing season.