ENGINE SHUPA 125/129 SH - 2V

Racing engine with head "TAKEGAWA SUPERHEAD" with maximal power parameters


                                                                                               Forged crankshaft                                                         "PVL" Ignition

Engine technical parameters and tuning description:

4-stroke one-cylinder, capacity 124,8 ccm , bore 54 mm, stroke 54,5 mm, max. power up to 18,5 PS **
engine 129 SH : capacity 128,3 ccm , bore 54,75 mm, stroke 54,5 mm
piston ε =12,5 , two valve head TAKEGAWA SUPERHEAD with lightweight valve drive
intake valve D 30 mm, exhaust valve D 24,5 mm - stem diameters 4,5 mm
forged valve retainers from TITAN-ALU alloy , alu-forged rocker arms with rollers
5 ways to camshaft select (S15, S20, S25, S30, S35 ) for engine power and torque running
crankcase, shifting, starting, and further parts are impoved for speedway using
5-plates clutch with reinforced springs, 3. or 4. speed gearbox, racing ignition with outer rotor

** max. engine power depends on the adjustment of the engine and accessories

Each engine is checked and adjusted on engine brake DYNOmite